Taming Your Inner Naysayer

Is your inner naysayer holding you back from success?


I’m here today for the Army Run (armyrun.ca) (a 5km, 10km, and ½ marathon) downtown Ottawa. I’m motivated to talk to you today about cheering. In the background, there are a lot of people cheering others on. It’s loud and undeniably exciting to be a part of. They are cheering everybody on for this race.


Every person in the race today is physically and mentally racing. Every single person’s mind is filled with thoughts and voices in their heads. Those voices are self-thought combined with influential people from their lives; a partner, a parent, a relative, a friend… Hopefully, those voices will be saying:  ‘Hey you can do this’; ‘you got it’; ‘keep going, look how far you’ve come so far’; ‘you are awesome and deserve this’.


Unfortunately, these voices are always opposing forces. With the good also comes a voice that cast self-doubt and attack self-confidence. The voices say things like: ‘you can’t do this’, ‘you won’t succeed’, ‘what makes you think you could ever do this’.  


We all have voices in our heads. They’re constantly telling you that you can’t do something or won’t succeed. They can be loud and seem like they won’t stop. I think of them like ducks quacking away.  Quack! Quack! Quack! They are in your head, pulling you away from being successful. The trick with these voices in your head, these ducks, is to remember it’s just noise and you need to SHUT THE DUCK UP!


Now, what’s unique about this Army Race is the extra cheerleading group that’s helping people to stay motivated, to focus on the success that they have so far, and to keep going! I’m 1km away from the finish line and the runners have already done quite a lot of work to get to where they are now. In my books, they’re all champions for showing up and making the effort; giving it a try.


So, the questions I have for you are:


Who is cheering you on in your business and life as an entrepreneur?

Who is standing at your side and helping you to recognize and celebrate your achievements?

Who is helping to get you back on track and make the right move towards your next level of success?

We all need our own personal cheerleading squad. Is it time to get yours?


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