Top 3 Actions for a Fresh Start To Your Year



Here is a simple approach for a fresh start to your year.

1. Celebrate accomplishments

Take some time to think about what you accomplished last year. Far too often people focus on what they didn’t get done. Write down a list of what you did get done and include even the small things. After you get going you’ll find this list becomes substantial and it will be easier to recognize that you actually accomplished quite a bit!

Try this exercise with your team or your family. Other people in your life will share a different perspective and possibly get you thinking about accomplishments that you had forgotten. As a team exercise, celebrating success is an uplifting way to start fresh and on a positive note.

2. Focus on what’s most important to you

Get personal! Think about what’s important to you at this point in your life. Is it climbing the career ladder, spending more time with your family, developing yourself (intellectually, physically, spiritually, etc.), or something else? This could be something you’ve ignored, want to do more of, or simply something that just makes you happy.

Don’t worry about everyone else, this is about you. You deserve and are worth your undivided attention! If you are still worried about others, consider that a happier, healthier and more focused you will indirectly benefit others.

3. Set 3 goals (not 5 or 10)

Set three goals you think are achievable and that are aligned with what’s most important to you (above). These goals don’t need to be big hairy audacious goals (BHAG’s)! Think about making them specific, measurable, time-bound and realistic. Ask yourself the following questions to guide your goal setting:

– What does success for this goal look like?

– How will I know when I’ve achieved success?

– When do I expect this goal will be reached?

– Given everything else I’m doing, is this goal realistic?

– Would I expect anyone else to be able to achieve a similar goal to this?

Now that you’ve completed the 3 actions for a fresh start to your year, just do it! Go after your goals and make progress on them. Once you’ve achieved a goal, focus on the others or add a replacement. Never have more than 3 goals on your radar at once and don’t forget the importance of you.


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