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The majority of business leaders struggle or fail because they fail to seek advice in the areas they are not experts in. Even veteran entrepreneurs are guilty of this.

With a lifetime of experience running, and guiding companies just like yours, we created Entrepreneurial 911 to provide business leaders with direct and immediate access to the expert advice they need. Thus they get help to solve daily issues and carry on growing their business following the correct prescription for their needs.

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We are absolutely committed to solve your business pain as soon as possible. Our regular turn around time is 72 hours/ 3 business days. As with any emergency line, we may have some very busy days with a lot of businesses to operate surgery on or put under therapy, times in which the response will be a little delay. Nonetheless, NO QUESTION REMAINS UNANSWERED)

Any business question is valid. Whether it is on cash flow, marketing strategies, sales processes, leadership struggles or entrepreneurial burnout, our experts are ready to support you

Can I see examples of previous questions and answers?

Absolutely! Scroll down and you’ll find a selection of business pains and prescriptions.

This is Entrepreneurial 911 in action

1. Should we raise prices before or after inflation?

2. How can I spend time and money on hiring and training when I’m already over?

3. How do you close a sales deal faster?

4. What is the best approach to establish operations in a very early stage startup?

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