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Entrepreneurs are looking for sustainable business growth solutions to help them reach their goals. The problem is there are too many conflicting “expert” plans and one size fits all solutions that don’t deliver, which is overwhelming and frustrating. That’s why we established EntrepreneursRX. After decades of building, managing and selling businesses to and for private equity, we now help business leaders like you find the antidote for what’s holding you back so that you can grow a healthy business that leads to limitless opportunity.



A.J. is one of the most influential entrepreneurs and executives in the small business community. What he does, says, or decides is absorbed by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the USA, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Latin America, UK, Australia, and many other countries. He builds renegades and lets them loose in the business world. He’s not just a CEO, an executive, a marketer, a visionary. AJ is also a kind gentle soul that cares about his employees, customers, family and friends.



Kevin is a big picture thinker who loves to help people figure out how to get where they want to be. He brings an eclectic mix of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to the table. Starting at the sweet age of 6, he followed in his family’s entrepreneurial roots. Life then took Kevin down the corporate path for 21 years where he helped small to multinational companies across Canada, the United States, and Europe to define and implement corporate strategies that drove success in climates of growth, decline, and massive business transformation.

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