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Entrepreneurs are looking for sustainable business growth solutions to help them reach their goals. The problem is there are too many conflicting “expert” plans and one size fits all solutions that don’t deliver, which is overwhelming and frustrating. That’s why we established EntrepreneursRX. After decades of building, managing and selling businesses to and for private equity, we now help business leaders like you find the antidote for what’s holding you back so that you can grow a healthy business that leads to limitless opportunity.

Our founders have nearly 200 years of collective business experience, and each has a passion for helping others achieve success, as they define it. We are not ‘gurus.’ We are seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience at every level of business and an intimate understanding of the 7-Essential Pillars required to build and operate a healthy, sustainable business.

We guarantee you will not find a more dedicated team to personally serve your business needs.



A.J. is one of the most influential entrepreneurs and executives in the small business community. What he does, says, or decides is absorbed by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the USA, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Latin America, UK, Australia, and many other countries. He builds renegades and lets them loose in the business world. He’s not just a CEO, an executive, a marketer, a visionary. AJ is also a kind gentle soul that cares about his employees, customers, family and friends.



RK is a seasoned marketer and an experienced entrepreneur offering marketing services to 500+ clients worldwide since 2006. He is the founder of a world-renowned marketing agency and the creator of a community that helps entrepreneurs become better marketers. RK is also the author of the book FIRE YOUR AGENCY which helps business owners gain clarity to win big with digital marketing. He holds degrees and diplomas in marketing, HR, business management, and start-up development, in addition to being a member of NASSCOM and actively participating in mentoring programs to help Startups create effective business plans.
RK is a passionate traveller and plays several musical instruments. He accomplished his mission to travel to 30 countries by the age of 30 and continues. He has recently moved to Canada, building a new company focused on developing start-ups while giving back to the entrepreneurial community through his work with ERx.

Chris dyson


Chris Dyson is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and leader with success in many varied sectors, receiving accolades and industry awards for his work in franchise development, copywriting and marketing.  A passionate, driven leader with 30+ years of experience in consulting, sales, product development, and public speaking. He has created many marketing initiatives for various sectors including the creation and development of an award-winning publication with global circulation.


His aptitude for leadership and dogged persistence have allowed him to excel while starting and building many businesses and personally serving over 1000 entrepreneurs through his mentorship.


Chris has a knack for seeing opportunities that go undetected by others while creating, driving profits and pinpointing areas for improvement, resulting in improved efficiency & increased revenue. He mentors incoming franchisees for a significant global cooperation and has developed franchises in several industries.


Passionate about giving back, he has graciously volunteered a good deal of his time to ERx to further his mission of paying it forward to help others succeed.



Ryan is a sales and service lifer who has worked with business leaders from across the U.S.A for more than ten years. He has vast experience managing sales teams to excel in their approach to customer care and service, with one of the most respected professional sports franchises in the world. Ryan has coordinated hospitality for some of the most significant corporate sporting events in the world, including the NBA Finals and F1 USGP. His motto is simple; “Listen first, respect & treat people well, execute flawlessly, while exceeding expectations.



Chathu is an ICT Business Analyst and start-up project manager. As a Business Analyst (BA), she has worked closely with clients to identify their IT requirements and transform them into enterprise solutions, working with multiple business domains such as telco, cloud aggregation, billing, and human resources. Her clientele since 2009 has spanned North America, Europe and Asia.


As a senior member of offshore delivery accounts, she was involved in sprint planning, agile delivery, risk management, project quality control and pre-sales activities. Most recently, Chathu relocated to the US from her native Sri Lanka, working as a project manager specializing in delivering digital marketing solutions via offshore teams. 


She’s passionate about working closely with clients to identify the best possible strategies to facilitate digital transformation, which is a critical requirement for small and medium businesses, particularly in recent uncertain times. 

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