Success is Dependent On YOUR Mindset

We only want clients who are a perfect ‘fit’ for our offerings and style

Surprises in business are generally unwelcome and seldom good news.

Our team wants to avoid any surprises and inform our potential clients of our biases and expectations BEFORE  you decide to work with us. No hidden agendas here; everything is upfront and clearly defined. 


There are some specific traits required to be an entrepreneur. We only want to work with those clients who are willing to do ‘what it takes’ and have a genuine desire to be coached with actual intent to improve their business and experience personal growth. 

Many ‘think’ they are ready and willing, but their ego and psyche are not congruent with their persona. 


We only want to work with those who are genuinely ready and willing to listen, learn and implement, without excuses. 


We believe in doing business morally and ethically.

We have no desire to waste your time, or ours,  just to make a sale.


For this reason, we encourage you to read over the list below to fully understand who we are and what our expectations are. 


Please be informed and absolutely honest with yourself before committing to work with us.

EXPECTATIONS, They Go Both Ways:

You Must Have an Entrepreneurial & Open Mind 

  • Big egos often prevent people from seeing (or admitting) their own shortcomings.
  • A thirst for self-improvement and knowledge is the hallmark of a true leader. 
  • Be willing to do what it takes, not bound by a title or a clock.
  • Be accepting of the fact you will make mistakes but are also able to learn from them.
  • Money, fun and family time are all integral components of entrepreneurial success. A balanced, holistic approach is a necessity for a healthy business AND personal life. One without the other is neither healthy nor sustainable.  
  • You must be coachable! 

A Willingness to Learn and Grow

  • If you do not desire to change and find a better path, we will not work with you.

  • Our clients must be excited to make changes and willing to see and admit their mistakes and weaknesses. 

  • Accept the fact that we all have much to learn. 

  • Be open to seeking out expert assistance throughout your entrepreneurial journey. 

  • We are seasoned professionals, and our mentorship is based on years of ‘real-world’ business leadership experience. 

  • Embrace the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone.

  • Be open to sharing your situation and struggles. 

  • You must be coachable!

Decisive Thinkers Take Action & Own Their Situation

  • Those with analysis-paralysis spend far too long making decisions, sometimes never coming to a resolution. 
  • Leaders are quick to react and come to a conclusion, seldom wavering. 
  • Be comfortable connecting with other business leaders, knowing they have or will go through the same things that you are.
  • Employees are only as good as their leaders; poor performance is a symptom of poor management. 
  • A sense of urgency is required. 
  • All ERx coaches have developed a keen sense of urgency and the ability to uncover the root cause of problems. Be open to the process and willing to participate fully.

Respect For Time

  • We know you are busy, Entrepreneurs are always busy. We have the utmost respect for your time and your commitment. We expect the same in return. 
  • There are hundreds of communications you must address every day. We know you don’t have the time or energy to review even more ‘stuff’. Newsletters, bulk emails and sales pitches are annoying and waste your time…so we don’t send them. We respect your time. 
  • We don’t tell you when or how long you need to commit to meetings with your mentor. You book the date and duration as you want.

No Unrealistic Expectations of Others Doing the Work For You

  • You are the leader of your operation; you must be willing to put in the time, effort and sweat equity to make necessary changes.
  • We are fully committed to your success and willing to give you our very best to help you achieve your goals. 

A Thick Skin is Required 

  • Leaders are resilient and accepting of critique, understanding that sometimes ‘tough-love’ is required and you don’t take critique or advice personally.
  • We believe in being truthful and providing honest feedback and advice.
  • Our discussion will take many forms, but we demand and expect you to be honest and not hold back any comments or thoughts.
  • We may disagree at times, and this is simply part of the process. Nothing is to be taken personally. This is the only way it can work. 

Know That Contracts Are in Place for a Reason, to Protect You as Well as Us

  • You respect contracts and take the time to understand the terms and conditions. 
  • Procedures, Policies and Contracts must be respected and adhered to.
  • You have our commitment and promise to uphold our side of all agreements. 

We Are Not Gurus

  • We are Business Professionals and Subject Matter Experts.
    We are NOT self-proclaimed Gurus.
  • We abhor the guru approach, which often causes entrepreneurs to experience additional stress and financial hardship.

No Whiners, Complainers, or Excuse Makers

  • True leaders work with what they have, make it better and find a way. 
  • You must be willing to find your own way and do the work.
  • You must be willing to deal with adversity and relish the challenges you will face.

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