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Essential Business Solutions

Starter products that fit into ANY business’s budget yet reduce your learning curve, alleviate wasted resources, & improve business sustainability.

→ Diagnostics

→ Business plan reviews

→ Assessments

→ Mentorship Offerings

→ & MORE

Premium Business Solutions

Solutions specific to your needs greatly enhance systematic growth, your overall business trajectory and infrastructure.

→ Consulting

→ Growth & sustainability toolkits

→ Intensives

→ & MORE

Advanced Business Solutions

High-level offerings that combine your leadership with ERx’s to oversee, refine and shape your company, transitioning it into a scalable entity.

→ Fractional leadership

→ Long-term consulting

→ Mentorship

→ Deep analysis

→ Action plans

For Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

Our mission is to give back to motivated entrepreneurs globally, to help them find the balance and sustainability they sought when envisioning their business life.

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How We Have helped Other
Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Ed Rush

5-Time #1 Best Selling Author
, Former F-18 Fighter Pilot

I consider A.J. Mirabedini to be one of the best strategic minds of our times. I’ve worked with him for over 2 years now and am constantly blown away by his ability to manifest simple answers out of complex problems. There are people who solve problems and then there are people who see the problems coming and fix them ahead of time. The former takes knowledge. The latter takes wisdom. AJ combines both wisdom and knowledge to effectively grow businesses, build teams, and change cultures. If you’re thinking about hiring AJ or working with him, just go ahead and do it. You’ll find your business shifting into a new gear you never knew you had.

Patrick Norris

Senior Vice President

ERX brings inspiring business creativity to every entrepreneur. Their unique insight to business needs, traits and challenges is amazing. If you want
results… listen to ERX.!
Group 836

Bill Walsh


If you are looking for a great leader for your organization, or a team player that can help you build brand value and create even more success – A.J. Mirabedini is the perfect person for you and your team! His energy, honesty and work ethic are second to none!

Linda Parelli

Past President of Parelli Natural Horsemanship

I had the privilege to work with A.J. in some very difficult circumstances during a
change of leadership in our company. His approach to overcoming problems and
empowering new leaders to step up was tough but sorely needed. And, while his
entrepreneurial style and experience should be expected, he went above and beyond
with his familial approach. With AJ, you have a friend, an ally, a guide, and a
businessman who is not afraid to call you out on the things that really matter.
Copy of Designing with Shapes (777 x 777 px)-3

Gerry Robert

Founder, Black Card Books

When our company faced an almost a cataclysmic upset, as do many entrepreneurial ventures, A.J. Mirabedini’s role and expertise were instrumental in helping to put Black Card Books back on the right course. When I was looking for strong direction, A. J stepped in and shouldered our company, providing leadership skills to help us get through one of the toughest times in 30 years. He was able to help us identify a lot of the key issues, significantly reducing our monthly operating costs, marketing expertise, change our corporate culture, and identify leaders. More than anything, I want to highlight his integrity, his honesty. He has no problem being brutally honest, and I really appreciated that. He not only served us in business, but he served me as a person, as a friend, he opened up his heart. He cares. If you have the opportunity to work with this man and his decades of wisdom, then take it. He’s been a phenomenal blessing, God bless you.

At ERx, we firmly believe that WE MUST SERVE YOU, YOUR business & YOUR style by addressing YOUR particular and unique situation.

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