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The ERx Business Health Checkup Program gives you a taste of our commitment to helping YOU and YOUR Business define the right path to achieve success as YOU define it. This service is provided with no cost or commitment. 

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  • We want every client to experience an ROI that far exceeds the INVESTMENT of any service we provide.
  • At ERx, we are proud to be different (Read More: Why ERx)
  • We are not all about the sale, the pitch or the hype.
  • Giving back to the business community is important to our entire team.
  • Our approach is honest and straightforward, without all the false claims, phoney countdown timers, glammed-up videos, NLP, and the rest of the BS.
  • We know you see through this offensive and unethical approach.
  • You are a savvy businessperson, and we respect your intelligence far too much to play ridiculous games to ‘hook’ you into buying our service.

YOU and your business are as distinctive as a fingerprint. You need very individualistic mentorship and business solutions specific to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

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Discover The 7 Essential Pillars To A Healthy, Thriving Business

Am I a true entrepreneurial leader, open to improving myself and gaining the knowledge necessary to help my business become more than it is today-4

Unequivocally a company can only become successful if they have these seven critical areas managed.


An understanding and balanced approach in each of these seven areas will facilitate a truly successful, scalable, sustainable company. These are the critical components that define success or failure for an entrepreneur.


You are looking for sustainable business growth solutions to help them reach their goals. That’s why we established EntrepreneursRX. After decades of building, managing and selling businesses to and for private equity, we now help business leaders like you find the antidote for what’s holding you back so that you can grow a healthy business that leads to limitless opportunity.


Our founders have nearly 200 years of collective business experience, and each has a passion for helping others achieve success, as they define it. We are not ‘gurus.’ We are seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience at every level of business and an intimate understanding of the 7-Essential Pillars required to build and operate a healthy, sustainable business.


We guarantee you will not find a more dedicated team to personally serve your business needs.

Learn What Most Entrepreneurs Fail To Understand & Avoid The Reason More Than 75% Fail

Am I a true entrepreneurial leader, open to improving myself and gaining the knowledge necessary to help my business become more than it is today-5
EntrepreneursRx provides you exceptional business acumen, cultivated over nearly 200 years of real-world experience creating, developing and operating our own businesses in several countries.

Our vast experience has honed our instincts and allows us to develop an acute understanding of what each and every business leader must do and understand to achieve their success.


Our methods are tried and true, proven in every sector, regardless of revenue or size. The strategies we advocate are essential to success, and this simply cannot be disputed.


We know that closed-minded business leaders will continue to struggle and immerse themselves in the chaotic entity that is their business. This approach is singularly the number one reason for the demise of more than 75% of small and medium founder-led companies.


  • ERx Programs are for any business leader who is open to personal growth, willing to implement the strategies and methodologies we advocate and understands there is no substitute for honest hard work or any magic software or solution to build a business.
  • WE love to work with startup operations and entrepreneurs who have great ideas but lack the overall business acumen and structure to reach their goals. It is sad truth that many incredible business ideas fail in their infancy. These failures could have easily been avoided with expert guidance and systematic planning, which is precisely what ERx provides.
  • You must have a viable business idea and structure to work with us…and, of course ,an openness to listen, learn and take action.

Complete Business Diagnostic Assessment, Inclusions:

The assessment form will take the business leader on a journey through your companies basic operational structure, methodologies and more. It will provide insight into the areas of opportunity and deficiency. The assessment is structured to be completed in very little time because we know you are busy!




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Please understand that this is an INVESTMENT into your business and personal success. Every business leader must structure their agenda to allow for continual learning and development of their business acumen. We know you are busy. This is why we have created this program to fit into even the busiest person’s schedule. If you have a solid grasp of your current business, the Business Check-Up will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. A small commitment that can have a significant impact on how you see your overall operation.

Absolutely! Just go to  Entrepreneurial 911 where we provide FREE responses to your business questions.

We are not lawyers and we do not have knowledge of the legal rules, regulations, etc. in every country, state, province or region. As any business professional should, we will always recommend you speak to your attorney for legal advice.

We are happy to discuss this to determine your needs and work with you to find a solution that makes sense to best serve your needs.

Absolutely! We will even provide a credit for any unused service and apply it to the upgrade.

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